Sitemap - 2010 - Bury Me in New Jersey

Don’t leave my half-a-heart alone… ’cause I don’t want to get over you

things making this Friday awesome

Have Yourself a Nostalgic Little Christmas…

The Recipe for Christmas Spirit: More lights, less milk.

one ticket to Crazy Town

let the reindeer games begin.

New Jawrb

nobody knows, nobody sees… nobody knows but me.

catching up.

mac-n-cheese, you-n-me

their eyes got no soul

sweet baby Jesus, I am tired.

park that car; drop that phone; sleep on the floor; dream about me.

let’s pick up where we left off…

forced perspective.

I am in love with this album…

we don’t talk so much anymore, but I wonder if you got that same ride, with the dents on the d

leaves fall; colors, situations change.

back to skool.

just like that.



dead man walking

This was made for 2 a.m.

Cure her. Fix her. Restore her.

stars shine brightest in the darkness.

Pardon me while I have a tantrum…

hanging on the coattails of relevancy


But it was not your fault, but mine and it was your heart on the line…

It Happened Here.

milestones, schmilestones.

the recovery continues.

holy productiveness, Batman!

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

“Bitch set me up.”

Swimming in it.


I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more

a collective sigh of relief.

Home is Where the Heart Aches.

I’m getting desperate.

ohana means family…

cop out.

wham, bam…

we took a small flight in the middle of the night from one tiny place to another

So while everyone’s talking about the chubby kid from Taiwan…

One last thought before bed.

The medication is wearing off


paranormal cat-ivity.

Play Ball!

A better shade of yellow

things stay the same; they change.

This is how you spell “I love you”

a fine line.

What they don’t tell you about Alzheimer’s

weight of the world

Jesus walked.

Grief is a funny thing…

the rainbow bridge.

Being Sara Malkovich?